Take Your Motorhome and Explore the Sites

Freedom and flexibility are probably two of the most important considerations for most people when planning their holiday, and you can't get much more of a sense of freedom than seeing the country - or travelling around Europe - in a motorhome.

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dethleffs - a Good Choice

Of course, if you are anxious to enjoy the freedom and excitement of motorhome travel, you will need to get yourself a motorhome. There are dozens of motorhome models on the market, varying widely in price and amenities, although one of the most respected names is dethleffs motorhome. Don't let the silly name put you off - the German company has been manufacturing motorhomes since the early 1930s, and several quality models are widely available in the UK. Regardless of the model of motorhome you buy, always keep it maintained and in good working order depending on where you are, spare parts aren't always easy to find.

Flexibility and Saving Money

Whether you buy it or rent it, there is nothing like the sense of freedom and spontaneity that a motorhome or caravan can give you. A motorhome allows you the flexibility of being able to pull up at a campground and stay the night there - or stay for a week, if you feel like it. Travelling by motorhome might be regarded as the polar opposite of an organized package tour where everything is planned out, almost like a military campaign. And of course, the economics of motorhome travel are obvious, with money saved on potentially costly hotel accommodation. It might be a tight squeeze, but you can also cook all your meals in your home on wheels.

Where To Go

The UK isn't a huge country, but it has as much variety of scenery as anywhere, including forests, mountains and moorland. The Lake District, north of Scotland and much of Wales are the areas to head for if you want the most spectacular scenery, and it's still possible to escape the crowds if you get off the beaten track. Of course, it couldn't be easier to take your motorhome across the channel, and if you don't want to go through the Channel, there are still dozens of ferries each day. Once you are across the channel, your biggest challenge may be where to head next - the beaches of southern Spain, the Alps, and the historic towns and cities of Italy are all obvious destinations.