I’m Lenore Greiner, a longtime travel journalist, author and travel expert.  I’m a writer and a traveler and a photographer who helps people travel brilliantly while seeking intrinsic value in luxury travel.  I specialize in discovering  unique travel experiences worth the splurge for sophisticated travelers, from spas to adventure to the finest vacation destinations.


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Since the fall of 2011,

  • Kennedy in Hawaii

    The Wackiness of the Land is Perpetuated in Nonsense…Or How to Think Like A Hawaiian

    • 12 September, 2011

    Think Hawaii is American? Think Again. When

  • Las Vegas Book !

    Welcome to Las Vegas – the original Sin City. It’s an adult Disneyland where you can play at doing anything, seeing everything, and being anyone you like. Las Vegas is an open-all-hours playground where you can experience everything from swimming with sharks to flirting with Lady Luck.  For more on this guide published by Indie Travel Media, click here



    My travel writing has appeared in numerous guidebooks, magazines, newspapers and online portals.  My publication credits: Fodor’s Travel Publications' Gold Guides Contributor: San Diego California Las Vegas Southern California Healthy EscapesNewspaper Travel & Features:

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