2015 Solas Awards for Travel Writing

2015 solas award travel writingWon a 2015 Solas Award for Travel Writing and an Honorable Mention

This prestigious travel writing award is sponsored annually by longtime travel anthology publisher, Travelers’ Tales. You’ll find all the winners on BestTravelWriting.com.

Originally published by WorldHum.com, my travel narrative entitled Translating Respect won in the Culture and Ideas category for the best story or essay about how art, history, currents events, fashion, or music affected a traveler or a trip.

2015 solas award travel writingI also picked up an Honorable Mention for another story, Behind the Face Veil, about how my day about Dubai in full abaya and face veil transformed my perception of living faceless, ageless and anonymous.

Translating Respect details how, in Italy, visiting Nigerian students asked me to explain and translate a classic American song, Aretha Franklin’s molten Respect.  Hilarity ensued.

Both stories will be included in my forthcoming book, a collection of travel narratives and essays about far-flung places, India, Greece, Antigua, Italy, Hawaii, Belize, Disneyland.

Coming soon!  Check back here for more details as publication approaches.