2016 Solas Award Winner for Travel Writing

lenore greiner 2016 Solas Awards for travel writing

Travel Writing as a Craft and an Art

Just found out today that I’m a 2016 Solas Award winner for travel writing, garnering three awards and two Honorable Mentions. That’s a better showing than last year.

Here’s a rundown of my Solas Awards for Travel Writing:

Silver Award for Cruise Story – “The Slot” (soon appearing on WorldHum.com, where you’ll find the world’s best travel writing)

Bronze Award for Most Unforgettable Character – “A Different Kind of Invisible”

Bronze Award for Travel and Shopping – “The World’s Most Dangerous Shopping Trip”

Plus, Honorable Mentions for two pieces I submitted, “From Mill Valley With Love” and “Ashram Dharma.”

These stories and more with appear in my forthcoming travel memoir, “Battered Journals.” The travel narrative form of writing is a most beautiful expression of craft and art. On the road, we find ourselves, we learn about everything from history to languages and share our experiences with the other humans sharing this planet with us.

I’m very grateful to be a travel writer.