About Lenore

Always On An Adventure

I love writing about travel and indulging my adventurous spirit, exploring global cultures Lenore Greiner Travel Writerand tasting new culinary discoveries.

The high point of my travel writing career?

That happened in 2014 when I was accepted into a travel writing intensive with noted travel writer, Tim Cahill, at the Book Passage Travel Writing & Photography Conference.  Tim put me through the grinder but, in the end, I’m a better travel writer today.

It’s not a surprise that I became a passionate traveler.  I grew up in Marin County, across the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco.  As the daughter of world travelers, my parents understood when I took off for Mexico at 17, right after high school graduation.  By nineteen, I was attending the Universita’ Per Stranieri in Perugia, Italy.  After earning my B.A. at UC Davis, more adventures followed.

I’m fortunate.  I’ve toured Dubai behind a black veil and abaya and galloped with gauchos in Argentina.  I’ve meditated in an Indian ashram and tracked down and interviewed an elusive Mayan shaman in Belize.  I’ve snorkeled Bora Bora’s lagoon, dodged geysers in Rotorua, New Zealand and ascended Mayan pyramids in Guatemala.

A favorite trip was celebrating a family wedding in Orvieto, Italy.

I also love kayaking, horseback riding, yoga, painting and photography.  And I’m always planning my next getaway.

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