2016 Solas Award Winner for Travel Writing

lenore greiner 2016 Solas Awards for travel writing

Travel Writing as a Craft and an Art

Just found out today that I’m a 2016 Solas Award winner for travel writing, garnering three awards and two Honorable Mentions. That’s a better showing than last year.

Here’s a rundown of my Solas Awards for Travel Writing:

Silver Award for Cruise Story – “The Slot” (soon appearing on WorldHum.com, where you’ll find the world’s best travel writing)

Bronze Award for Most Unforgettable Character – “A Different Kind of Invisible”

Bronze Award for Travel and Shopping – “The World’s Most Dangerous Shopping Trip”

Plus, Honorable Mentions for two pieces I submitted, “From Mill Valley With Love” and “Ashram Dharma.”

These stories and more with appear in my forthcoming travel memoir, “Battered Journals.” The travel narrative form of writing is a most beautiful expression of craft and art.… Read the rest

Westways Magazine Publishes My Disneyland Memory

Westways Disneyland travel writer lenore greinerWestways, Disneyland and A Travel Writer

Disneyland celebrated its 60th year and Westways, AAA’s magazine for Southern California, shouted out to the general public for favorite Disneyland memories. As a travel writer, I’ve visited Disney’s iconic park many times. Too many.… Read the rest

Published in Tales to Go

Tales to Go Lenore Greiner Travel Writer

Travel Writing Excellence

This month, I’ve been published in Tales to Go, which delivers four inspiring, transformative travel stories every month, just the way we like to read them: no ads, no flash, no fluff.

It’s a project from Travelers’ Tales, the award-winning experiential guide series of travel stories, wit and wisdom reflecting true travel writing excellence.  … Read the rest

2015 Solas Awards for Travel Writing

2015 solas award travel writingWon a 2015 Solas Award for Travel Writing and an Honorable Mention

This prestigious travel writing award is sponsored annually by longtime travel anthology publisher, Travelers’ Tales. You’ll find all the winners on BestTravelWriting.com.

Originally published by WorldHum.com, my travel narrative entitled Translating Respect won in the Culture and Ideas category for the best story or essay about how art, history, currents events, fashion, or music affected a traveler or a trip.… Read the rest

Honored in Best American Travel Writing 2013

Edited by Elizabeth GilbertBest American Travel Writing 2013

Very proud to be honored in annual anthology ‘Best American Travel Writing 2013’ edited by ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ author Elizabeth Gilbert. My piece “Translating Respect” appeared on the high quality travel writing site, WorldHum.com.  My first person account from my student days in Italy involved Nigerians, Aretha Franklin and a tightly locked convent.… Read the rest

Deep Inside Mayan Belize

Belize article

Very proud to announce my latest piece on exploring Mayan Belize, complete with photos, published in the June issue of digital adventure magazine WildJunket.

Belize WildJunket


Read the rest

The Wackiness of the Land is Perpetuated in Nonsense…Or How to Think Like A Hawaiian

Kennedy in Hawaii

Think Hawaii is American? Think Again.

When I write on how to think like a Hawaiian I am talking about the residents of our 50th state.

That would be Hawaii, of which we all agree is the 50th state, except for a Japanese luxury car manufacturer whose name begins with an L.… Read the rest

When Travel Becomes Disney-esque

Christmas 06 046

On a pale sand beach in a sunset’s afterglow at a Jamaican resort, serenaded by the gentle lapping music of the Caribbean waves, I pushed my toes into flour-soft sand, felt the embracing humid air and glowed in the blush of our table lantern.  … Read the rest