Pack For A Purpose

Grab Your Suitcase and Pack For a Purpose Founders Rebecca and Scott Rothney. Founders Rebecca and Scott Rothney.

During their first trip to Africa, Pack For A Purpose founders Rebecca and Scott Rothney found that their safari outfitter limited them to only 40 pounds apiece yet their airline allowance was 100 pounds of checked luggage plus 40 pounds for a carry-on.… Read the rest

Gypset Travelers: Travel and Leisure With A Twist

 Travel and Leisure Travelers

A new trend has surfaced in the waters of travel and leisure – travelers with an iconic twist.  The Gypset (Jet Set + Gypsy = Gypset) happily blends luxurious jet set sophistication with a resurrected experiential bohemian lifestyle.  Around the globe and at a bargain price, this wandering tribe of travelers populates simple, exotic enclaves in locales such as North Goa, India, Ibiza, Spain, Jose Ignacio, Uruguay and Montauk, N.Y.… Read the rest