2016 Solas Award Winner for Travel Writing

lenore greiner 2016 Solas Awards for travel writing

Travel Writing as a Craft and an Art

Just found out today that I’m a 2016 Solas Award winner for travel writing, garnering three awards and two Honorable Mentions. That’s a better showing than last year.

Here’s a rundown of my Solas Awards for Travel Writing:

Silver Award for Cruise Story – “The Slot” (soon appearing on WorldHum.com, where you’ll find the world’s best travel writing)

Bronze Award for Most Unforgettable Character – “A Different Kind of Invisible”

Bronze Award for Travel and Shopping – “The World’s Most Dangerous Shopping Trip”

Plus, Honorable Mentions for two pieces I submitted, “From Mill Valley With Love” and “Ashram Dharma.”

These stories and more with appear in my forthcoming travel memoir, “Battered Journals.” The travel narrative form of writing is a most beautiful expression of craft and art.… Read the rest