Westways disneyland travel writer lenore greinerDisneyland Memory Published by Westways

Disneyland wove its magic and I wrote up a special memory for the Nov/Dec 2015 issue celebrating Disneyland’s 60th anniversary.

Walt Disney once said he designed Disneyland so that visitors could not see the world beyond its walls. He wanted us to feel as if we were inside another world. I have a long-ago snapshot of myself standing in Town Square taken by my husband, Rob. We had just endured a mean year of fighting his cancer with a brutal chemotherapy that eventually saved his life. Living daily with fear, we longed to feel normal again, so we escaped to the Happiest Place on Earth like a couple of giddy kids. Our Disneyland day was a precious break from the cruelties that adult life can dump on you. Just as Walt had envisioned, we felt completely unaware of the outside world.